Who said adults can't write on walls?

 We Turn Walls Or Surfaces Into Whiteboards
With IdeaPaint

Create any size, any shape, any colour whiteboard!


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Creative Monsters IdeaPaint Office

IdeaPaint @ Office

Add IdeaPaint in meeting rooms, Individual offices, Common spaces, Labs, Cafés, Hallways. Turn empty wall spaces into a hub of creativity, collaboration, and idea generation. Use for scheduling, project tracking, brainstorming and imporptu "hallway" collaboration.  

Creative Monsters IdeaPaint Home

IdeaPaint @ Home

Create a family interaction wall with shared calendars, reminders, chores and messages. Turn a child's room into a place to explore and express their creativity and imagination, and manage their responsibilities. 

Creative Monsters IdeaPaint Schools

IdeaPaint @ School

Create a 360-degree learning environment (paint walls, desks, chairs, floors, lockers, etc. ). Re-coat chalkboards and worn-out whiteboards at a significant cost savings. 

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Transform the way people work and learn by turning virtually any surface into an erasable canvas to collaborate, communicate, and fully explore Ideas.

Why do you need IdeaPaint?

IdeaPaint is installed in some of the world's most innovative companies: Apple, Google, NASA, Amazon, Limited Brands, Nike, Rebook, AutoDesk, Quicken Loans, Yelp, Adobe, Evernote, SCVNGR, MassChallenge.

Over 85,000 installations

...including local clients 

"IdeaPaint is used in so many ways, people are behaving differently, interacting differently, and really working together in a more spontaneous way."

Michael Schaeffer

Global Creative Director, Reebok

“IdeaPaint gives the ability to draw out anything and visualize any idea. It makes our job easier when we can see each others’ ideas and tell when we’ve got something big.”

Phil Drapeau

Brand Manager, Welch's

Turning Places Into Innovative Spaces

The more "whiteboard space" you have the more you can brainstorm, and the more you can collaborate.  Ultimtely, a more productive environment! 

Creative Monsters - We distribute IdeaPaint and provide innovation consulting services for our clients.

Contact: 308-3865
: gerard@creativemonsterstt.com

What are the benefits of IdeaPaint?

What is IdeaPaint?

IdeaPaint is an innovative environmentally responsible whiteboard paint that transforms virtually any surface into a high-performance, dry erase canvas. 

What's the big Idea?

Your Ideas deserve more -  more room to grow, more space to develop, more freedom to flourish. The best part - you do not need to change the colour of your walls or surfaces. 

YTEPP Creative Monsters Client
Idea Distributed by Creative Monsters in Trinidad & Tobago

Distribution Rights: Creative Monsters is the official distributor for IdeaPaint in Trinidad & Tobago 

Creative Monsters Trinidad & Tobago - Dry erase paint supplier and innovation consulting.
Massy Wood Group Creative Monsters  Client
Launch RockIt Creative Monsters  Client
Eventology Creative Monsters Client

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